expect something and nothing at once

Synopsis: Poet Michelle Elrick approaches “home” through blanket forts, poetry and collected sounds in this stark and beautiful film from the Canadian prairie. “expect something and nothing at once” follows the poet from the stillness of a room to the windswept, late-Autumn field where she struggles to recreate the essence of home. This film is part of the larger project Notes from the Fort: a poetic of inhabited space, a series of performance installations that create intimate places in unfamiliar environments through the play-act of fort building. Using only existing structures and a suitcase full of hand-crafted materials, each fort is constructed, inhabited, noted and dismantled in a live poetic document of sense of place and the origins of home. Notes From the Fort was under way in Reykjavík, Iceland from July-August 2012, then moved to Winnipeg, Canada from September-November 2012. The soundscape that underlies the film was made from sounds collected from the poet/director’s ancestral homes of Austria and Scotland, as well as sounds collected during the implementation of the project in Reykjavík. The poem “expect something and nothing at once” is an imagistic retelling of the poet’s personal sense of home, focusing briefly on a series of bright, vivid images that carry the listener within the walls of the fort and of the poem itself.

Watch the film here: http://www.cbc.ca/player/Shows/Shows/Canadian+Reflections/ID/2648487234/

This little film has its big screen debut today at The Body Electric poetry film festival in Fort Collins, Colorado. Thanks to R.W. Perkins for envisioning this festival and for selecting “expect something and nothing at once” for the program of the inaugural event this evening. This film will also be showing at Breakthroughs Film Festival in Toronto, Ontario on May 10, at Suffolk International Film Festival (Suffolk, UK) on July 13, at Filmpoem Festival in Dunbar, Scotland on August 3-4,  and at TRUCK Gallery’s bike-in cinema series this summer in Calgary, Alberta. Awarded Best Cinematography at the 2013 Suffolk International Film Festival. Congratulations to Tyler Funk, director of photography. A well-deserved honour. Broadcast on CBC television’s Canadian Reflections program in 2015.