pocket: picked

I had a feeling it was no longer with me when I left the house the other day, jean jacket in tow. My suspicions were confirmed an hour later at the till of the Liquor Barn, where my selection of ice-cold micro-brewed IPAs were beginning to sweat on the counter.

My previous wallet was much more of a tome. Three panels of soft green leather and two snap mounts provided it room to swell with receipts or tighten up around a new cash withdrawal. This new wallet is tiny – more of a card sleeve, really, though it does have space for a few crisp bills, my driver’s license and Aeroplan card. Jen at U.N. Luggage recommended it to me prior to this trip, citing the interior aluminum casing, which prevents my signal-emitting easy pay/pay pass/tap & go/wave pay credit cards from blabbing my info to any passers-by with a card reader and a pirate’s sensibility. Airports, train stations, markets – all the places I was once advised to watch out for pickpockets – are now favored haunts for a new generation of thieves, cyber-savvy pickpockets who work invisibly and whose 16-digit loot is distilled from the mash of crashing wireless signals that crowd busy places. The old wallet on a string trick doesn’t work anymore. Now, I pulse with wifi and radio waves. My appendages are receptor and emission.

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I searched again, this time thinking like a kid. Toy boxes, drawers, bags, cupboards and shoes each revealed nothing. My sister brought the girls back over to the house and promised them a treat if they could find my little Secrid. Fifteen seconds and one overturned couch pillow later, my wallet – cards and waves intact – was returned, and the little villains rewarded with kisses.